If You Love Geronimo Stilton…

Here are some more series that you will most definitely enjoy:

39_Clues_logoAfter their grandmother dies, Amy and Dan Cahill discover that they are part of the most powerful family in history. The source of this power is hidden in 39 Clues scattered around the world. Amy, Dan and other Cahills are given a choice: Take a million dollars and walk away, or compete to find all the Clues. Learn more about the 39 Clues series here!


tombquest_logoNothing can save Alex Sennefer’s life. That’s what all the doctors say, but his mother knows it’s not true. She knows that the Lost Spells of the Egyptian Book of the Dead can pull her son back from the brink. The problem? When she uses the spells, five Death Walkers are also brought back to life.  An ancient evil has been unleashed. Long-dead mummies are awakening.  Learn more about the Tombquest series here!

SpiritAnimalslogo_largeIn the world of Erdas, four children are about to discover if they have a spirit animal bond, a rare link between human and beast that gives great powers to both. Separated by vast distances, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each see a flash of light . . . and then the animals emerge.  Wolf, leopard, panda, falcon. Each of the children has summoned a beast of legend. Now their fate is set. The four heroes and their animals must band together on a dangerous quest. A dark force from the past is rising, and only they have the power to stop it.  Learn more about the Spirit Animals series here!

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