Graceland 2.0

By Sarah Bierstock

Runtime: 50 minutes
Cast: 4 (female identifying)
Ages: 14-18

A teenage Grace is drowning under her mother’s Coronavirus induced micro-managing gaze.  A talented poet and rapper, she spends her time winning beatboxing competitions, but finds herself unable to complete the basic task of writing a single poetry assignment for school.  She leans on the help of her equally talented friends Greta, a virtuoso pianist and academic stellar, and fraternal twins Jana and Dana (hip hop dancer and visual artist extraordinaires).  The girls build a world where they are free from their anxieties.  Together they learn to bring the peace they find in Graceland back into their real lives.

Check out the Perusal Script here.
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The zoom reading of a new TYA play, Graceland 2.0.  was produced by 50/50- An Arts Production Company with Diane Phelan, Kerry Warren, Palmyra Mattner, and Alla Ilyasova.