**Licensed by Playscripts**

By R.N. Sandberg

Runtime: 75-90 minutes

Cast: 2F, 3M, 5 either (10-15 actors possible: 2-12 females, 3-13 males)

Commissioned and premiered at Seattle Children’s Theatre

Ten traditional Russian characters are brought together in this new magical story. Kashei the Immortal has held Russia under his evil power for hundreds of years, but the new Tsar, Prince Ivan, is determined to break his hold. When Kashei kidnaps Ivan’s beloved Vasilisa, Ivan joins forces with Maria the Skillful, Ilya the Strongman, and the clown Skomorokh. Together they must journey through dangerous forests and battle a desperate robber, enchanted demons, and the wily witch Baba Yaga to save Vasilisa — and all of Russia. But even with all of their skill and courage, how can they overcome an enemy who is immortal?

“Filled with action, intrigue, magic, and suspense … visually stunning and intellectually challenging … easily holds the interest of adults and teens.”–Sue Lockett John, Seattle Post-Intelligencer