Book by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel
Music and Lyrics by Peter Mills
Runtime: 75 minutes
Cast: 6 Adults (3F, 3M) + ensemble of 12 or more youth performers, ages 8 – 15
Ages: 5+

Originally Produced by Prospect Theater Company, New York, NY

EVERGREEN is an original tale inspired by winter solstice celebrations the world over, exploring themes of perseverance, family, renewal, and gift-giving. 13-year old Maya lives in a desert world where snow and trees have become the stuff of legend. Skeptical, Maya sets out on a quest to the north where it’s said that trees still grow. After encountering many strange new things—a sandstorm, a water witch, a vast sea to be crossed in a magical coconut boat, and a petrified forest guarded by a stone stag—Maya learns the truth about Earth’s last trees, and returns home to become the new keeper of the faith.

Take a look at the script here: EVERGREEN perusal copy (sample)