Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
Adapted from the book by Elvira Woodruff
Runtime: 75 minute, 90 Minutes (TYA) Also, full-length: 1hr, 45min
Cast: 10 (6F, 4M) (Lucy, Glory, Nick Button plus Chorus of 8/all other roles) Large Cast works well.
Ages: All ages, 5+

World Premiere – Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC (2007)

Set in 1840s London, Lucy and Glory Wolcott live at Grimstone Union at the mercy of the cruel Matron Wick and Mistress Branch. Lucy invents stories about a long lost doll named Morning Glory to humor her sister. When a deadly fever sweeps through the workhouse, the two sisters escape to the mean streets of London where they encounter many colorful characters. Finding an old, discarded doll by the river that Glory believes is her long lost doll, and teaming up with the beggar boy Nick Button, Morning Glory leads the three on a journey that will change their lives forever, for Morning Glory is no ordinary doll. Written in the style of Charles Dickens/Oliver/Annie). Mainstage or TYA.

Small Chamber Orchestra, also Orchestration/Accompaniment tracks available

“Woodruff spins a Dickensian saga, full of outlandish Londoners and narrative twists, both cruel and kind … But beneath the dark, chilly gloom of The Christmas Doll beats a big, bright, beautiful heart … Audiences will cherish this beautifully crafted Doll” – The Charlotte Observer

“It’s better than half the musicals I saw on Broadway last year – with production values at the same high level…a damn good musical!” – Creative Loafing

2007 National Youth Theatre Award for Outstanding Play/Musical
2007 Creative Loafing Nomination for Best Original Show
2007-8 Metrolina Theatre Nomination for Outstanding Original Musical
2007-8 Metrolina Theatre Nomination for Outstanding Musical Composition
2007-8 Metrolina Theatre Nomination for Outstanding Production

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Take a look at the script here: THE CHRISTMAS DOLL perusal copy (sample)