Book, Music, and Lyrics by John GregorAppleMark
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Cast: 5 (ability to add chorus)
Ages: 7-12

Originally commissioned and presented by Pittsburgh CLO.

Thomas Edison knows his light bulb works better than any other, but how will he prove it to the world? By announcing that he will light up all of lower Manhattan, of course! Easier said than done in this adventure that takes us on a journey of setbacks and triumphs.

After a disastrous attempt at unveiling his incandescent light bulb, Edison realizes that it will take a lot more than smarts and a dream to see his vision come true, he must go back to the drawing board to create a generator with more power than the world has ever seen before.

Along the way, he must convince builders, physicists and impatient financiers to help him, but will the project be completed and more so, work within the year he has promised?

Full of humor and tuneful songs, THE INVENTION OF EDISON is about the make or break moment of a young inventor, with a message about hard work, persistence and humility.

Orchestration/Accompaniment tracks available.

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Take a look at the script here: THE INVENTION OF EDISON perusal copy (sample)