PANDORA and her Top Secret and Exceptionally Important Scientific Mission

By Sarah Bierstock

Based on the myth of Pandora’s Box

Runtime: 50 minutes
Cast: 2-9 actors
Ages: 7-12

Pandora is Seriously Curious about all things Global Warming. When the kids at school call her Teacher’s Pet one too many times, she decides to try out life at dad’s house, and enrolls in the gifted and talented school, Smarty Pants Elementary. She just has this one, Exceptionally Important Scientific Experiment she must complete before leaving. It involves a large suitcase she lugs around with her. What could be inside there?? And why is she dragging it to the river?

Take a look at a sample of the script here: Perusal Script of PANDORA AND HER TOP SECRET AND EXCEPTIONALLY IMPORTANT SCIENTIFIC MISSION