By Richard Rosen
Based on the book by Dan Gutman
Runtime: 60 min.
Cast: 4F, 4M with a chorus of 2F, 2M with doubling. Can be done with cast of 10.
Ages: 7+

Originally produced at The Magik Theatre

Are you looking for a way to teach your children about the political system during this 2012 Presidential election year? This hilarious show tells the story of 12-year old Judson Moon, who with the help and persuasion of his best friend, elects to run for President after deciding that he could do a better job. What starts out as a local interest story, soon catches the attention of the national media, and even forces Congress to lower the age requirement for a presidential candidate. This unforgettable show will include a televised debate between Senator McCain, Senator Obama and Judson Moon. This will be an election to remember!

Take a look at the script here: THE KID WHO RAN FOR PRESIDENT perusal copy (sample)